These past few months since we have launched PPE Consultants were tumultuous times for us. We have received many comments, encouraging words, sometimes critiques; we have met many interesting people that influenced us, and built up new partnerships worldwide.

But no venture can live long if it does not adapt to the changes of it’s niche market. We have understood some crucial things about how this market got into turmoil amidst the pandemic and drew the following conclusions:

  • 9 out of 10 buyers are fake. Or they are just window shopping. Or they don’t have the capital, but have a friend at a company that might arrange something for them. Or don’t.
  • 19 out of 20 sellers are fake as well – at least among the new companies in this space. Such things as allocation holders, governmental sellers, title holders are just living in the phantasy of brokers, because in the end the entire transaction boils down to two simple questions: If the seller has products to sell, and if the buyer has money to pay for the product. Everything else is just empty talk.
  • The real enemy of the industry are not the brokers: it is their incompetence. And this incompetence is the cause why they send out fake offers, why they are not capable of understanding the non-existence of mountain sized stocks… and the reason for their eventual failure.
  • Anything else that is outside of the normal wholesale procedure is just broker non-sense.

This is why we decided to introduce some modifications in our business model as well:

The most important change is that PPE Consultants works now officially with Inthera. They are a hungarian company existing since 1991 that is a wholesaler for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic equipment. Through its joint venture agreements and enormous network of suppliers they can procure a wide range of different medical devices (like syringes or medical gloves), personal protective equipment (facemasks, faceshields etc.) and test kits to battle the coronavirus. You can find more about this by clicking on this link. This new model is actually nothing else than the normal sourcing and wholesale model that has worked for companies since decades, namely:

Send an inquiry – receive an official quote – sign a purchase agreement – pay the invoice – get your products.

Nothing else. No BCLs, no red/blue/gold/platina CAGE codes (whatever they may be?), no “allocation holders”, no long chain of brokers inbetween. Just pure wholesale as it was before the pandemic.

We also understand that many companies have trust issues especially when it comes to paying in advance. To them, we have two guarantees:

  1. Inthera is in this business since a long time, and has delivered millions of these products over the last three decade. It has an extensive network of suppliers, has joint venture agreements in place and can source a wide variety of these products.
  2. It is a company based in the European Union, not in a third-world country where you pay and the supposed seller vanishes with your money. This business model existed long before the pandemic, we have excellent references and we can show rock-solid evidence of every claim we make.

The site of PPE Consultants has been modified according to this new model. We have published an online product ordering form where clients can select between different products we can source for them. However we do not intend to publish any brands and price sheets upfront since every order we receive will be tailor-made to cover all the needs and requirements of the client. More info on that is available on our new procurement page.

We are looking forward working with you in the future!