Everybody stay calm, it’s happening again! Let me tell you a story: A few days ago I was sitting casually at my desk, sipping my morning coffee and opened my usual programs: email, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and put on some music. I took a look around what my contacts are doing… and I almost spat out my coffee from shock. It was horrifying. It felt like being sent back in time to 2020… or being stuck in some timeloop. “Impossible!” I almost shouted. “This cannot be right.” But there it was right in front of my face. Just when I thought that the second half of the year will be the one where this crazy market gets cleared from joker brokers, these miscreants shrugged, spat in our face and started to bombard everyone… with ridiculous amounts of 3-layer masks.

What the hell happened?

I got a theory. The whole world is in panic now that COVID-19 is making a comeback with it’s delta (and lambda) variants. This obviously drives up demand for facemasks and other types of PPE and medical devices and our favorite jokers were exactly like some lousy DJ on a boring wedding and instead of coming up with something new, they just hit the auto-replay on the playlist. And now we are back where it all started… at the facemasks. And the best thing: they still have no clue about quantities.  Let me show you a few examples.

I clearly don’t know what these people have in mind. 800 million boxes equal 40 BILLION masks… it really is like 2020.

So what now?

Remember my posts where I voiced my hope that I see the first signs that scammers and joker brokers are leaving the industry? Now I am not so sure anymore that the same bad actors won’t take advantage of the fear caused by the new variants. I can see in front of my eyes a horde of joker brokers screaming “this time we’ll hit the jackpot”. And they never learn. I wonder, will the full cycle continue? A month and everyone will have tens of billions of 3M 1860 masks and afterwards trillions of Cranberry and Cardinal gloves? Or is this just a one-time resurgence of this madness?

The only thing I hope is that buyers have finally caught up and understood that such offers are scams. Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mask, a glove, or any other sort of PPE: quantities into the hundred millions do not exist, and if you see someone asking for an ICPO and a POF before showing you any solid proof that they have such quantities, be like Forrest Gump, and RUN!

Oh and brokers… nice trick that you say boxes instead of masks, but tens of millions are still ridiculous quantities. 😉

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