Frequently asked questions

We are a wholesaling company based in Hungary, Europe existing since 1991. Our core business is sourcing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices (including PPE) for companies in the EU. We work on demand, so if you send us your requirements, we source the products for you and either deliver it to your doorstep or you can come for it to our warehouse in Budapest.

Yes, we definitely do have a brand and price list, however we only use this database internally among ourselves, because we do not want our material to circulate between brokers. We also don’t like to give out prices in advance because the exact price is calculated based on the details of the inquiry (for example transportation methods, timeframe etc.) If you are interested what we can offer, please send us an inquiry, we will respond as soon as possible.

Yes, however we are based in the EU, so that makes things a little bit more complicated. If you are located in the US (or anywhere outside of Europe), please contact us directly, so we can figure out a way to get you your products.

We source from factories or authorized distributors, and we are actively avoiding this “alternative supply channel” composed of brokers and fake sellers that came into existence during the pandemic. And since we have seen far too many scams, we can sniff it out from a mile away if something is fishy.

Yes, the good old fashioned conservative wholesaling model. You submit your request to us, we send you a Full Corporate Offer. After that you sign a Purchase Agreement, we send you an invoice, and you can come for your products once they arrived.

Yes, in fact we prefer to work with manufacturers directly if possible to ensure that our clients indeed get their products. However we always carefully vet these as well, because establishing scam-brands seems to be an entire industry these days.

That depends: we procure from European distributors, however we don’t like to keep an overstock of products. So, no, we are not participating in any OTG deals in the traditional way, however sometimes we have products that are ready for immediate dispatch.

If you can provide us a copy of your pharmaceutical broker license, or a document that states, you legally represent a company that is authorized to the manufacturing/wholesale of human medicine, yes. Otherwise we have to decline your request.

Feel free to contact us anytime, we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

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