Quality matters!

Do you know which documents a box of gloves needs to be imported into the European Union? Can you spot the difference between a Certificate of Compliance and Certificate of Conformity? Are you unsure if your product can be sold to US customers?

These are very common question that arise before the first Purchase Order is even issued, and many parties are absolutely unaware how they can validate the product they are working with.

How we can help you

PPE Consultants works in joint cooperation with Inthera, a major wholesaler for medicines and medical devices in Hungary, that has been in business for 30 years. All our questions concerning quality and certificates are carefully reviewed by a team of pharmacists with extensive background knowledge on medical devices (including PPE). This way we are always confident, that our clients only receive products that are of the highest quality and comply to every standard.

If you are unsure, if the product you want to buy or sell is compatible with EU standards, contact us, and we will provide you professional opinion & analysis of the submitted documentation.

Our area of expertise

Facemasks (3-layer, FFP2/KN95 and FFP3/N99)

Vinyl / latex / nitrile gloves

In vitro diagnostic devices (for example COVID-19 test kits)

Syringes and needles

Gowns / Coveralls

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