When talking to brokers, my number one advice is usually the following: “quit the brokersphere. You will not conclude any real business there.” And it’s true: I have never seen any real activity being done there – only pointless Zoom calls, forged or copied documents and endless bragging about being direct to some “super important VIP master global universal mega distributors” or to buyers with more money than the entire GDP of the world. But before we continue, let’s see the main question:

What is the brokersphere?

The brokersphere is essentially the “underground network” of wannabe joker brokers. It is a domain made up by loosely connected Whatsapp, LinkedIn and Facebook groups often teeming with hundreds of brokers. To describe how these work, imagine a crowded market where every merchant is trying to sell you the same product, and they try to gain your attention by being the loudest. Sounds repulsive? It is. Usually this incredible noise is the main reason why no business is being done in these groups: the real offers literally get lost amidst a swarm of fake ones – and I have never seen a credible buyer voluntarily joining these groups, because once they post a request, they will be constantly harrassed by overzealous brokers. (To give you some eyewitness testimonies, check out this post by a guy whos father is stuck in this alternate universe since years).

But back to the topic: since I decided that this world is just a huge waste of time, my life and my work has improved in several ways.

I have my free time back

Joker brokers are huge timewasters. They make up overly complex and pointless SOPs, you sit with them in Zoom calls all day long, and they twaddle nonstop about how great they are, what connections they have and how rich they will be when a deal finally goes through. And in the end, there is never any product or any credible buyer, just another layer of brokers.
This was one of the major benefits of quitting the brokersphere: I got my free time back. I can spend more time with my family, I can have an evening with friends without staring at my phone all the time, or I can find some time for my hobbies like gardening. Many brokers misunderstand the concept of working hard: if you work 16 hours a day that is incredible, but if this “work” is just talking with other brokers (so people that don’t have any money or products at hand), you are doing something very wrong.

When you are not constantly harassed by brokers, you get your free time back. I, for instance, pursued a new hobby and became the proud dad of a bunch of tomatoes.
I don’t have to feel embarassed anymore

Have you ever had this feeling when you talked to brokers, and you suddenly thought: “Damn. I’m a professional. What am I even doing here with such miscreants that don’t even know what they are talking about?” I had that many times. When I had to argue with them that nobody on this planet has 100 billion facemasks. Or that Cardinal and 3M are separate companies. Or that the FBI isn’t conducting due diligence on anyone. There is the old proverb, birds of a feather flock together… And I really don’t want to lose my face and credibility because brokers simply are too lazy to read a few articles about what they are talking about.

I don’t get harassed by people with weird offers

Oil, forex, cryptocurrency, weird investments, slightly seasoned (???) letters of credit, tons of chickpeas, sugar and milk powder, prescription-based medicine, real estate, used ambulance cars… just a few examples what people have offered me after they found my phone number in a Whatsapp group. It seems like joker brokers try to sell everything where they think they can make a killing overnight. They don’t know anything about the product or it’s characteristics, they just forward messages like there is no tomorrow. I consider this similar to gambling: a broker forwards these to a hundred other people daily, and thinks, someday one of these “deals” will go through and he will be rich. Bad news: it doesn’t work this way. For example, if somebody offers me medicine, I ask questions, and after two minutes I usually know if I’m dealing with a professional or a clueless joker broker. And if it is the latter, I automatically ignore his messages. I imagine it is the same with other industries: after all, I cannot picture Sotheby’s or Exxon to work with such people.

I can deal with leads, suppliers and clients that really matter

When your time isn’t consumed by brokers, you can spend it nurturing those connections that matter. You can learn the needs and fears of your clients and help them; you can discuss new possibilities with your suppliers and snatch yourself good deals. You can also build up a network where people are real and will come to you if they need help.
Working constantly with the brokersphere and pursuing dozens of leads every day simply makes no sense. You don’t have time to build up trust with clients, you aren’t sure about the suppliers, all you know is a few fellow brokers. Or at least, you think you know them, because lots of brokers also lie about their identity, background and connections. So, take my advice, concentrate on things that matter. No one can do 20 transactions simultaneously and you’re way better if you concentrate on only a few real ones.

I have a peace of mind

Taking everything into account, I think the most important benefit I gained from severing my ties to the world of joker brokers is peace. I don’t feel myelf constantly embarassed, I don’t fear to lose my face in front of others, and I have way more time and energy, I have the capacity to understand my clienteles needs, and most importantly, I have my dignity back. And this is something that is more worth than any amount written on a dumb, fake IMFPA.

So what’s the point?

I don’t really think anyone can benefit from the brokersphere very much. At least, I haven’t closed a single deal while being surrounded by these type of people, and I haven’t heard of anyone that succesfully sold products this way. So what’s my only advice? Quit the brokersphere. Get to know your clients. Find real and stable suppliers. And (to put this very brokery) always be direct. If there are layers of intermediaries you are doomed to fail.